Twin Life and learning lessons

Your Child Is Amazing: Coming into the world

Twins at 6 months old at birthday party. 

Have you ever look at your child/baby? I have twins a boy and a girl. They are amazing in every single way and different as well.

We are going to look into the development from a baby point of view. My twins are now nearly 14 months old but they were born at 36 weeks.  They weigh over 6 pounds each and they didn’t have to undergo any special treatment unlike some other twins who are born early.

It must be a scary for a baby to come into this world. The twins spent 8 months in my tummy where they were warm and very safe. They could hear sounds but it would of probably sounded much louder when they came into the world and not only that but we don’t know what sensory experience they would of experience but having mum to comfort them will of course ease them.  I remember holding both of them and I couldn’t believe how big they were. I carried them for 8 months and now they were here.

What lessons have I learnt from the twins?

  1. Patience – I thought I had patience but you know what I learnt that I am only human being and sometimes when you not experience lack of sleep, your patience start running low and it is important to be aware of this because you can run yourself into the ground. We all have patience but we all have a limit of patience. When you know your patience is running out it is time to chill out. I found having a few minutes in the toilet did the trick as I was still very near them and I had my own space.  The twins haven’t learnt patience yet and they are very demanding little human beings. I remember thinking why can’t they be patient for their milk but they haven’t learnt that lesson yet.
  2. At our own peace– The twins have always been behind and I have been cool with that because everybody do things in their own time. Other people said well they should be doing this now and that. I learnt to just smile and say well they will do it in their own time. The twins are now catching up with other peers but it is up to them when they start doing their milestones.
  3. Twins are all different – Twins are different. I have notice over the last year that both are very different. Sleeping in the day my son can sleep anywhere. My daughter on the other hand, she likes to stay awake and explore the world. She very good at moving, she was the first on her tummy and now sitting up. Her brother is not far behind but he better at fine motor skills and like playing with toys.
  4. Motivation and Getting on with it. Since my daughter been in my tummy she has loved to move. She will love it when she can walk as she will be able to run.  She does just get on with it. After her food she wants to get on the floor and move. She learnt to sit up 3 weeks ago. Today of writing this blog she is reaching for items up where she can’t get them. I love the fact she has master to roll and sit up. Her brother is little behind but his motivation is exploring. You give him anything he will explore it. They both got motivation and to get on with it and if they don’t do it the first time, they will try again until they reach their goal.

We can all learn from our children. I am writing from my point of view and what I have experience but we can all learn from them. Children have this amazing talent of just doing without worrying or having fear. Encourage and praise children who want to do well in life. Often or not parents will say things like, I don’t think it will be for you or well it could be hard to do. We need to be positive. Why do we as parents go from praising our children when babies to moaning at them when they are older. We all know children can be naughty but ask yourself why? As time go by I will re visit this blog and do another one as my twins grow up.

Good Links to go to get help for twins are: you will be able to find all your local groups on here and I found few Facebook Groups as well.




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