Seasonal affective disorder

Autumn is beautiful time of year

Brown Leafs indicates the end of summer and we all look forward to the next big holiday. It is that C word yes Christmas but before that we have other events to look forward too. However some people seem to change this time of year and get into the winter blues early.  Schools holidays are over and all the parents are happy because your kids are back at school. You are happy as you not got to think about what to do with the kids today. You go back to work and it around about 31st October we get excited, 5th November is bone fire night and of course run up to Christmas has already started in the shops (August in some shops) so we have a lot to look forward too.

Winter blues, Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can affect some people because of the darker and cold nights we seem to shut down our happy mindset and think hurry up summer.  There is more to it and if you suffer from it would you know? Here some signs:

  • Feeling low most of the time
  • lost of interest in everyday hobbies/interests
  • Sleep longer than normal
  • Feeling guilty or just feeling down
  • Eating more

Above is found on the NHS site and if you are concern you have SAD please contact your doctor he/she will do a assessment.

It is important we are aware of above but please do not think you will be SAD because often or not we can change our mindset by doing different things to get our brain working here how:

  • Find something you enjoy doing and do it.
  • Get exercising (go for a walk, jog or run. Lots of park runs )
  • Volunteering – yes giving up some time for others can be rewarding and it give you that happy feeling.
  • Have a routine – do you have a morning routine ? I am going to do a whole blog about this because it something we don’t often do. We give our children morning and night routine but not us ?
  • Sun/Day Light – Ok so winter here in the UK can be dark and wet. It is important to get light and on the NHS it does tell you more about this.
  • Reduce stress levels ( I will be writing about this in due course as many ways you can reduce your stress but first you need to understand what is causing it, why, triggers and find ways of reducing it).
  • Eating – Eat healthy, get as much veggie food down you, add spice and herbs to make food taste nice.
  • Drink Water – in the summer we drink loads of it because it hot but in the winter months we tend to drink hot drinks because of the cold. We still need to drink the right amount of water and drinking it you will feel better. You can still have hot drinks.

Summer will be back but remember that this time of year can be fun and enjoyable. Go out for a walk, kick leafs with your children (or if you don’t have children still do it because it fun right?).

Life is about living, the seasons will change but we can be happy and joyful all year round (Ok sometimes we are not but that alright too).  If you get a cold, it will go away and you will be fine.

Take care and have a wonderful week/weekend and remember please leave a comment if you like the post.


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