How To Be Happy in 5 simple steps

Everything around you is amazing if you willing to look it at that way. Simply being a live is so special and we should see our life as a gift. Your parents made you and you are amazing. Life can be hard but we have a choice to have hard life and moan about it or accept life can be hard sometimes but you can change it, learn from it and become better.

My life has never been simple one, I have been happy and unhappy but the following steps I have found to be very useful. After you read this and watch the video, think of more steps you could do to make yourself happier. Remember we all have choices and the power to do whatever we want in life.

Here some simple steps to having more happier life.

1) Accepting you, we all don’t like ourselves sometimes because we don’t fit in, we may be overweight, too thin, we may be a nerd, we could be cool, you could have issues around drugs. We are all called ALLSORTS because each one of us are different in some way. No matter where you was born, what you are doing now can be change if you want it to be but many people don’t accept themselves and will never be happy within their soul because they can’t accept who they are. Many people fake, they act cool so they can fit in with their peers. Deep down some people fake it but deep in their hearts are so unhappy. Stop beating yourself up and faking it NOW. You can change by accepting the real you. How?

2) Make Goals, yes that right sit down now with paper and pen. Write down what you want the most of and why? Any of them goals going to make you happier in your life, if so why? Having goals in your life does mean you have a meaning to you and your life.

3) Talk, Listen, Hear, in life we sometimes don’t listen to people or we do listen but don’t hear. Turn that the other way round and think how would you feel if you wasn’t being heard by your family and friends. They was just listening a bit but not hearing all the words you was saying. This happens a lot in life we tend to listen to one person but in our other ear hear something else. Communication is key to being more happy in your life and others around you.

4) Personal development, we need to learn in life, you can go on YouTube there are loads of motivational videos that you can listen to for free. Here one found, if you can’t be bother to listen to it all or you don’t think you be able to listen to it all just play and hear what is being said because it not just motivational but it can change you. Books are great and will list some books at the bottom of the page.

5) Mindset, how do you think, not just about yourself but about the world around you. Are you a positive person? How do you cope with making mistakes. The way you think is important because if you think something is not going to happen it usual won’t but if you think it will happen, well you make sure it happen because you will make it happen.

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