What is your forward ability?

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People tend to remain in situations in which they are unhappy, but why? In many situations, it’s because they are comfortable. For example, it’s better to remain in a job in which you are unhappy, because it pays the bills. Yes, you would like to change, but this would likely involve learning a new skill, or making a risky financial decision.

As such, many of us become kings within our comfort zones. Good at what we do, but unhappy doing it. It becomes a ‘means to an end’.

Much of our discomfort in taking risks can perhaps we blamed on the reality that others around us create. If people close to us do not, or have never, taken risks that push them outside of their comfort zone, we may see no other choice but to do the same to ‘fit in’. As such, we have not yet taken the risks that could propell us forward in life.

Your true gift, your ability that has the potential to open the door to a life the likes of which, so far, you have only dreamed of, must have one trait:

It must be something that you love to do, or have always dreamed of doing.

Through one-to-one coaching and online group sessions, PYL could not only motivate you to achieve this life-long ambition, but provide you with the confidence and the direction that you need to make it happen.

By breaking your goal up into small steps, we help you through the many challenges that you will face along the way. These can range from coaching on the best ways to research your chosen goal, the best ways to prepare for that interview, or the best ways to prepare for tests or exams.

It’s hard – change always is. But, at the top of that climb just might be the best view that you have ever seen!