3 Reasons Why you won’t use a coach

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Three Reasons why you won’t use a coach?

Here we go, I know you want to know the 3 reasons on why you want to use a coach but just in case you have some doubts we are going to have a look at the main 3 reasons why people don’t have a coach or why they won’t use a coach.

1) People don’t understand what a coach is? Remember when you had PE and the teacher was teaching you how to play sports, well he or she was a sport coach. Coaches come in all different subjects/titles and areas of interest. Here are some areas

  • Job Coaching – helping people to find work
  • Career coaching – helping people to have new career or improve on one they already have
  • Parent coaching – helping parents out with family matters
  • Confidence Coaching – helping people to grow their confidence
  • Business Coach – helping businesses to run better or to start up
  • Health Coach
  • Sport Coach/performance coach

The list can go on but some coaches use Life Coaching and this can be confusing for many people as it covers a lot in person life but also very general as well.

2) Not knowing how coaching work – this is common, people don’t know much about coaching and how it works. Did you think that coaching is like counselling? I did, but with self-teaching and going onto coaching course I did see the difference between the two and it did make my mind up to which path to go down.

3) Coaching isn’t affordable or people with money only ever have coaches – I love this one but again people think that having a coach in their life is going to cost a lot of money. The truth is that coaching does work when you put your mind to it and work with the coach. You need to want to have a coach and to achieve your goal.

You can have coaching every week, every month or every so often it doesn’t matter as you and coach will do a coaching plan that works for you. Many coaches these days do online coaching and have programs that will be affordable.


People have coaches in their life because they have a goal they want to achieve in their life and this can be short or long term. People who don’t have coaches are people who may not have any goals in mind yet or still deciding on if they need a coach. There is no right or wrong here and reason I done this was to show that people need to be ready for coaching.

People need to be ready in the following way: –

  • Want to be coach and get support, this is key because you need to think if you were to be push into something you didn’t want to do, what would happen? You wouldn’t want to do it so it need to be your choice and no one else’s.
  • Have a goal, what is your goal? If you don’t have one but want to change something in your life a coach can help you.
  • Set yourself a budget you can afford and talk to a coach that can offer you something that you can afford. Anyone can have a coach but you are in charge and remember you are investing the money into you.

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